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Reivers Road App

What you need

Mobile device – with ability to download Applications.
Our App – download from your App store or by clicking the appropriate button below.
Google Maps – latest version, downloaded to your mobile device.
Bluetooth – to connect through your car speakers or a mobile speaker.

N.B. Please ensure you accept all permissions and make sure your location settings are set to ‘ALWAYS’ not just ‘whilst using the App’.
This can be checked by going into your settings on your mobile device clicking on The Reivers Road and checking your permissions.

Please allow all notifications. Ensure you have your locations settings to ALWAYS not just whilst using the app.
You can change these by going to Settings, Apps, The Reivers Road, Location.

Click on the menu to explore the App.

Click on a trail image to explore, choose, purchase and Drive and Discover.

Click to purchase. If you have purchased you can listen to audio.

You will be redirected to the Reivers Pass form. Please fill in names for everyone who is to be included to benefit from the Pass discounts.

If you have purchased the trail on the website Login here using the login information emailed with your purchase receipt.

Please fill in customer details and any additional names who are to be included to benefit from the Pass discounts.

Valid from date: Please add the date that you wish your 7 day pass to be valid from ie. when you are planning on visiting and doing the trail.

Fill in card details as requested.

Click Drive & Discover to explore discount partners or to start trail.

Businesses along the Reivers Road who offer a discount or customer benefit as part of our Reivers Pass.

For the audio to work ensure you have accepted all the permissions and your location settings are 'ALWAYS' not just 'whilst using the App'.

In certain areas where the GPS signal is not reliable, you may be prompted to manually trigger it by using this button.
You will be directed to the relevant Trail page and be able to access the audio from there.

Keep on this screen during the Audio Tour.
If prompted press 'CONTINUE'.
Do not exit from the App as you will stop the audio tour.
If for whatever reason you navigate from this page, click on Reivers at the top left of the screen.




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